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Plein Soleil – 2020 – Obliques / Transversales Disques


Composed and performed by Jonathan Fitoussi.

Deluxe Edition – Classic Gatefold Tip-on Jacket

Artwork : Victor Vasarely – Constellations (1967)

Breath of Life – 2019 – Original soundtrack


Composed and performed by Jonathan Fitoussi,

Recorded at Paris and Venice (Veilhan’s Studio Venezia)

« Breath of Life » features sounds from 3 synthesizers, an organ and a Cristal Baschet.

Diagonals (Live) – 2018 – hands in the dark

Vinyl LP

Recorded live in concert for Bleep43 on 9th June 2018,

at St. James Church Crypt, London,

Diagonals features sounds from Ems Synthi Aks & Buchla Music Easel.


Imaginary Lines – 2016 – further records

Vinyl LP / DL

Imaginary Lines features sounds from Ems Synthi Aks & Yamaha YC45D

artwork : Robert MANGOLD, 1973.

« The stars we are given. The constellations we make, but constellations are the imaginary lines we draw between them, the readings we give the sky, the stories we tell. »  Rebecca Solnit

Origins – 2015 – pan european recordings

Vinyl LP / DL

Origins features sounds from Ems Synthi Aks, Steinway grand piano model D, Celesta Schiedmayer, Philips Philicorda Organ, Yamaha YC45c, Wavetek 185.

artwork : Dan McPharlin, Land of the Sleeping Things, 2008.

liner notes :  Eric Deshayes

Polaris (Live) – 2014 – pan european recordings

Vinyl LP / DL

Recorded in concert October 27, 2011 at « La Blanchisserie », Boulogne Billancourt, France.

Polaris features sounds from Sequential Circuits Pro-One, Roland SH09 synthesizers, Philicorda, feedback & tape.

liner notes : Eric Deshayes

Parallelogram – 2014 – cezame music


Parallelogram features sounds from EMS Synthi Aks, Steinway Grand Piano, Pro-one SCI, Ondioline, Philicorda, Pianet M, Celesta Schiedmayer, Yamaha YC45D, Cristal Baschet, Roland SH09, Fender Mustang 78, Fender Musicmaster 78, tape delay feedback system.

artwork : Francisco Canton / design : César Fourneyron

Immersion – EP – 2013 – vco recordings

Cassette / DL

Immersion features sounds from Instrumentarium Baschet & five synthesizers : Synthi AKS, Ondioline Georges Jenny, Sequential Circuits Pro-One, Prophet 600, Roland SH-09

artwork by Ernst Haeckel : Leptomedusae, 1866.

Suzanne Ciani : « Beautiful piece »

Pluralis – 2011 – pan european recordings

Vinyl LP / DL

Pluralis features sounds from EMS Synthi Aks, Pro-one SCI, Ondioline Georges Jenny, percussions…

artwork : Josef ALBERS : Day and Night VIII, 1963 © The Josef and Anni Albers Foundation.

Electronic Dream – EP – 2009 – cezame music

CD / Digital

Electronic Dream composed on an electronic music system : 3 synthesizers & 2 tape recorders : EMS Synthi AKS – Pro One SCI – Roland SH-09 * pure analog, sounds for baby