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Jonathan Fitoussi (b. 1978) is a French composer residing in Paris.

He works on minimalist and contemporary musical forms. His solo works in recent years have explored a fusion of electronic 
and acoustic sounds with melodic textures, colors and emotions in a cinematographic aesthetic style.

As a composer of electronic music, Jonathan Fitoussi (Pan European Recording, Versatile Records…) is engaged in practices of analog and modular synthesis, projects supported by the pioneers of electronic music like Suzanne Ciani and Morton Subotnick.

His work has been marked by the encounter with Daniel Caux (Shandar Records), François Bayle (GRM) or Bernard Baschet sound sculptor. He has developed an intense passion for recording and analog studio technology, rare instruments, and each composition is the result of his painstaking craftsmanship.

In 2016, Jonathan signed the cinematic score for the film « Le Ciel Attendra » (5 awards) by Marie-Castille Mention Schaar, and collaborated with Ill Studio for CHANEL and The Paris Opera. The same year, he also writes a music for HERMES.

In 2017, Jonathan was invited to participate at the 57th Venise Biennale in the French Pavilion represented by the artist Xavier VEILHAN. Also, Fitoussi composed the music for « Mutant Stage 8 » an art film directed by Xavier Veilhan with the dancers Marie-Agnès GILLOT & Dimitri CHAMBLAS commissioned by the french Galerie Lafayette Art Foundation.

In 2018, he writes the music of David Roux ‘s film « Breath of Life« , with Jérémie Renier, Marthe Keller & Zita Hanrot.

In 2019, Jonathan was invited to performed at the Philharmonie de Paris for the « Nuit Blanche ». The same year, he also writes a music for Bottega Veneta and performed for the first time in Japan.

Jonathan is composer of numerous bands; with Clemens Hourrière, Model Alpha or with AIR ‘s JB Dunckel.

He’s also audio restoration engineer at Institut National de l’AudiovisuelINA & GRM – Groupe de Recherches Musicales (Recollection GRM).

Jonathan is co-founder of Transversales ® | Disques, french record label.


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